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About Us

We are a company committed to Pest Control. We were built with expertise and extensive experience in getting rid and controlling pests. From a humble beginning in 1987, we have expanded to operate in nearby communities; handling residential, commercial and industrial accounts.

Our values are rooted in total customer satisfaction thus we provide low cost, quality work and safe methods for Pest Control. Whatever pests there are and damages they may bring, we have special solutions based on the individual needs of the customer.

We are affiliated with PCOC Pest Control Operators and BBB Accredited Business. This means that our business is founded with solid support so customers can ensure trustworthiness and satisfaction for all Pest Control customers.

Because of all these, we are confident to offer GUARANTEED SATISFACTION OR ELSE THE SERVICE IS FREE.

We also compete with other companies for your business by offering Free Second Opinion With Lowest Price Guarantee On Any Competitor’s Services.